The Competition is History: 9 Ways to Use VR for Business

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What is VR 360? Oh..just the future of business.

360° virtual reality (VR 360) is an audiovisual simulation of an environment that envelops the user as it allows them to look around in all directions, just as in real life. Virtual reality offers an immersive experience and if used as a selling or training tool, VR can place a business light-years ahead of the competition. Infinite Focus is a film production studio in Lafayette, LA specializing in cinematic branded films and VR 360 videos. Here are some ways our clients are using VR:

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Marketing Videos with Virtual Reality Tours

Any venue or facility that would benefit from buyers or investors being able to take a closer look around; here are a few ideas:

Private Schools and Colleges- Boost enrollment and impress parents with virtual campus and classroom tours mixed into your promotional marketing videos. Our strong visual and audio skills will make your VR video stand out from the pack of other schools.

Real Estate– Both residential and commercial real estate companies can boost sales when out of town clients and investors can get an intimate look at your property with virtual reality.

Wedding Venues– Brides can easily tour your wedding reception hall, banquet facility, or church. Once engaged couples can truly picture themselves getting married in your venue, being booked solid can be a reality.

Museums– Ignite the curiosity of tourists, school groups and families with a look inside your inspirational museum or gallery.

Music Venues– grab the attention of potential acts and sell out events with a 360° view of your concert hall, stadium or venue. A virtual 360° seating map will be a futuristic bonus for ticket holders.

Industrial Plants– Give investors, potential employees and customers an up-close experience without having to risk safety to physically tour your factory, refinery or chemical plant.

Hotels– Give your VIP customers a sneak peak of your high-end rooms. Event sales staff can book more conferences and meetings with virtual tours and sales videos with 360° VR built in.

Hospitals– Show off the new areas of your medical facility or specific areas like maternity rooms or cancer treatment facilities.

Here is a quick sample VR 360 video.

Louisiana Companies Augment Safety Training with Virtual Reality

The closest thing to on-the-job training is training with virtual reality. VR 360 can put employees in real-world scenarios without the risk or liability. Trainees can get a sense of their surroundings and the tools of their trade with VR safety training videos and VR headsets. This type of training works exceptionally well with dangerous offshore, maritime and refinery jobs where an accident is not an option. Hospitals and Surgery Centers can use virtual reality videos for procedure training and resident education.


Could your Business Win with VR?

Virtual reality has many applications in the business world and it is beneficial to get started now, before your competitors. By 2018 an estimated 171 million people will be using VR regularly and this will continue to grow. Contact Infinite Focus today to get your project going. Let’s brainstorm together to give your customers, employees and shareholders a stunning, immersive look at your business.

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