The first blog post: So what’s our story?

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First of all I want to be brutally honest and say that I rarely read companies blogs, and almost every blog I do read is because if offers to me some kind of useful information. If I want to know how this camera compares to that camera, or why a new computer would or wouldn’t change my editing life. However every once in a while I find myself meandering into someone’s blog and getting to know something about them, and I usually enjoy it. Chances are if you’re reading this first post you may actually want to know something about us. What’s our story, why did we start a creative business? I’ll give you my take on it, and maybe one day Adam will write his take on. Buckle up son because this is going to get good.

In June 2012 I started Infinite Focus because I wanted to make awesome videos. Most of my experience was either in weddings and events on the side, or doing local commercial work for a company I worked for; we’ll get back to this point in a bit. I found myself wanting to something more creative, more passionate and I did have a passion for creative video work, I was a Broadcasting graduate from ULL, while studying there I took a 1 year detour to study in a filmmaking program at a nearby community college; and truthfully I would have gone to film school at a 4 year college but my roots were deep (and connected to a girl, my now wife). I even started a “video business” in college that did a very few things, mostly weddings, but made enough to pay off the equipment I had bought for the “business.”

After college I promptly got married and started a job as a youth minister at a Catholic church in a nearby town, I did that for about a year. When my wife and I were expecting our first we decided to move closer to family, left that job and started another youth ministry position at my parents ministry Family Missions Company. Eventually the funding ran dry to support my salary, and I was pressed to find a job, I changed oil at a local dealership for a few months. During this time I contacted one of the partners of a local video production company, he was kind enough to give me a shot, and so I became their 2nd editor. This was a very formative time for me, I was able to spend a lot of time actually working on projects, and I began to devour it. My employers were generous enough to let me practice my editing and VFX skills during down-time and I fell deeper in love with making videos. As great as that experience was working for another company I really wanted to grow and do videos and I had 1 client. For that first job I called a friend last minute to help me with lighting, he couldn’t make it but he referred me to a friend named Adam Hofmann. Adam and I immediately hit it off, and he was better than me at everything, obviously I don’t let it get to me though. We both really wanted to make amazing videos, we wanted to make an impact, and do work that we could be excited about and proud of.

For the next year my business goal was simple, don’t become homeless. I learned very quickly what I loved to do, and what I didn’t love to do. (Quick tip, if you ever think about starting a business because you want to do amazing and inspiring work for companies, don’t do a ton of wedding videos.) I also learned that Adam and I had what it takes, and we loved to work on videos, designing logos, or really anything together, as long as we could make good stuff we were happy. What an awesome thing. So here we are, Adam on board and we’re doing it, we have a simple philosophy work a lot, and work hard. As much as we want to grow and be successful, the truth is we really just want to make amazing stuff. We really love when people trust us to make something amazing for them, and the crazy thing is, it works out, we’ve made amazing stuff, and made the companies we work for happy. We are two guys (for now), who want nothing more than to make awesome stuff for clients that want awesome stuff.

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