Sirius Power Generation provides whole home generator solution, so that when the power goes out, life keeps moving.

A note from the producer:

“When JP and I were coming up with the story behind the Sirius Power commercial, our main goal was to convey the power of removing interruptions from important family events. We put ourselves in the shoes of the family in the commercial. We thought about our work, and our own families, our children (we each have 4). The projector idea is something that comes from personal experience. We related to promising your family a movie night on a Friday after a long work week where the kids were excited to have dad all to themselves without interruption. We chose to use the popcorn as the point of impact for the loss of light, loss of food, and loss of quality family time due to a power outage. A blackout occurs at the worst moment, but we see the projector kick back on seconds later after the Generator steps in to play its part and save the night. All because Dad took the right steps to ensure his family plans were not thwarted by the powers of the electrical grid again. Everyone is happy. In the end, we see that the only house left with power is the house of the family… that chose to plan ahead, buy a generator, and put family first.” -Adam Falgout


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