Revealed: How to Advertise with Video for Less

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Don’t Have a Huge Marketing Budget?

Are TV commercials just out of reach for your business?

So what?! Brands like yours are finding huge success marketing with videos on the internet. A well crafted commercial film seen by your targeted customers on websites and social media can bring in a huge advertising ROI. The best strategy for smart entrepreneurs is to get a really great marketing video made for your company and then leverage the heck out of it through the new digital mediums. Here is a quick rundown of how to make the most of your money with digital advertising.

Landing Page Brand Videos Slay

Want paying customers to actually pay attention to your website? Videos increase the length of time people stay on your page, giving your brand message longer to sink in.

Want potential customers to contact you or buy something? That’s the point of having a website, right? A study by shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%!

But you can’t just slap a ho-hum video on a page and expect a response. You need an eye-catching, beautiful story; told through compelling cinematography. Here is an example of one of our favorite brand films: Roman Candy Rum.


Youtube marketing videos

*your customers watching a boring commercial.

Youtube Ads- Because Cat Videos

Youtube overall reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the U.S. The platform boasts 300 billion hours of video watched each minute. Chances are, your customers are watching Youtube right now. You could have shown a brand video to a potential customer just now! If only you had an amazing commercial they would want to watch…..

Advertising on Youtube is easy to set-up and you can target very specific demographics, which you can’t do on TV. The cost per impression is lower than TV so you can introduce your company to more people for less. Here is a helpful guide to Youtube ads.

Social Media Marketing Vids

Newsfeed video posts are being used by smart business owners to drive traffic but also to get consumers talking about products/ services. Retail companies, in particular,  have done very well with news feed video advertising and it’s no surprise because according to Adobe, shoppers who view video are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

You are probably already running targeted, paid ads on Facebook. If you are not, you should be! Those ads will be cheaper and more effective if they send people to a landing page with your amazing new brand film.

Pro Tip: A longer brand video can be cut into shorter bits, which can be used in Facebook posts, Instagram videos etc. Still images from your commercial can also be used for social media marketing.

In-Store Digital Video Display

Tell your brand’s story to customers in your waiting area, by your point-of-sale or in visual merchandising displays. Department stores are famous for having looped videos playing near branded displays. There is a reason; video works! You can show product features, explain store policies, and reinforce the overall store brand image. Medical offices, repair shops, and law firms can use looped branded films to help make the wait time more interesting and informative.

Final Tip: Hire Infinite Focus to Make Said Video

The crew here at Infinite Focus thrives on bringing the story of a brand to life. Tell us your story, tell us what you want to sell, and we can help maximize your video budget in creative ways so you get the most advertising ROI. We are small business owners too, we get it!



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